Raj Thiruselvan

Producer / Director Managing
Partner & Founder Omanta Films


Raj TV - rajtvnet.in
Raj Thiruselavan began his career as a camera operator at the age of nineteen in Bollywood, india. After gaining technical experience and attending film school, he produced and directed his own television program "Raj TV" filmed in India, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. He has produced and directed international documentaries, music videos and commercials.

In America he worked for FOX news and NBC news. Amnesty international, The Day the Earth Stopped, Raj's latest film "Curry in Love" is blending of Eastern and Western cultures, create a bridge between Hollywood and Bollywood. "I view my film making as divine duty. My films are drawing from ancient Vedic knowledge and indian traditions to bring a positive message of peace and love in modern world I want to speak an interest in self-realization and the connectedness to all living beings. My films have purpose by helping humanity to restore balance and to move the direction of the Dharma".

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