Synopsis: Today is Sarah's birthday. As she celebrates with her mom and close friends at her home In Alabama, a knock on the door changes her life. A messenger hands her a plane ticket from the King and Queen of "Tamil Nadu. Her mother has keep a secret from her. Sarah accepts the invitation to stay at the castle In India and discovers that the King and Queen are her biological grandparents. Her awakening as a princess begins. Her father Kalalish, the heir to the throne, has been missing for over 20 years. The old King appoints a young guide, Sankar, to take Sarah toward the last known location of her father. Sarah's aspiration to find her father, takes them to a monastery in the sacred Himalayas. To her disappointment, upon reaching the monastery, her father is gone and rumored to be hiding high in the mountains. During the grueling foot expedition further in to the Himalayas, Sarah begins to lose hope. As Sankar speaks to Sarah of divine destiny, they stumble on to a cave of Yogis. Here, Sarah finally comes face to face with her father. Now, she mush convince him to return to the kingdom to claim the throne from his aging parents, or else the kingdom will vanish.

Kataish has no desire in ruling a rich kingdom, his only concern is his daughter's safe passage home. Traveling back to the castle, along the Ganges, they witness a woman giving birth, are participants in a tribal wedding and come face to face with death. On the path of spiritual growth, Sarah falls in love with her guide Sankar and they plan to marry. At the castle in Tamil, Sarah's mother is waiting for her daughter's safe return and is reunited with her long lost love Kalaish. After twenty-one years have passed, the flame of love is rekindled. A wedding is about to take place.